Ekuom Eco Maquila

Sustainable & responsible fashion

We manufacture for brands or anyone who wants to create their own ecologically responsible clothing, shoes or accessoires.

Turning waste into fashion

About Ekuom

We are a company producing eco friendly fashion that follows the principles of fair trade and slow fashion. All our products are made from recycled plastic bottles and other recycled materials such as cotton and medicine hospital bags. Any colouring is done with natural dyeing. It is important for us to humanize the process of manufacturing – we reach this goal through empowering small workshops and help them grow by paying them fairly for their work while respecting their time for handmade manufacturing.

Our process



Madewell is an online shop offering sustainable and ecologically responsible clothing for men and women.

"We make clothes that tell your story."

small lot

Small Lot

Small Lot is a Canadian based online shop selling sustainable footwear and accessories made by artisans with a focus on vegan, minimalist designs.

liquid dreams

Liquid Dreams

Liquid Dreams is a company that combines art and fashion design based in the United States.

"We’re just creating functional art for a dysfunctional world."

mariposa galactica

Mariposa Galactica

Isabel Bryna aka Mariposa Galactica is an artist based in Hawaii that creates paintings and turns some of her art into clothing and fashion.

"My paintings celebrate cultural unity, the spirit of the divine feminine and connection to the natural world and the cosmos."

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Johannes Luttmann and Veruska Bello, founders of Ekuom